Your Current Governor, Jim Sanders Bringing Out the Best in Kids! '"Choose Optimism"'
Jim Sanders
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August 6 and 7, 2021
Lake Granbury Conference Center



Jim Bob and Butch were day workers at the Rafter C

To make ends meet, they had jobs in town.

One day over coffee, Jim Bob says to Butch,

“Butch, why’re you feeling so down?”

“Well”, says Butch, “it shore pains me to say,

but my wife pointed out how pessimistic I’ve got.

Where I used to be up and pleasant to be around,

I’m down in the mouth and it’s botherin’ me a lot.”

Not knowing what’s got his damper down,

Jim Bob decides he’ll try to help his old friend.

Says, “tell you what, buddy, maybe I can help;

there’s a group in town that might put you on the mend.”

“How so,” asks Butch. “What magic do they have?”

J. B. says, “Well, I bet they’ve got just what you need.

See, they talk about promises to make to yourself;

I’ve seen it. I think they call it their Creed.”

“I don’t know all of it, but it starts like this:

(By the way, your strength comes to mind)

You ought’a be strong enough, there ain’t nothin’

Can foul up yore peace of mind.”

Seems pretty simple, easy enough to say,

But, the next you’ll find easier and hard to beat:

You ought’a talk  health, bein’ happy and prosperous

To ever’body you know or who you meet.


Now, I’m missing’ some of ‘em, I know,

But here’s one that I think is a sure ‘nuff gem:

Whether they’re friend or somebody you just met,

Make ‘em feel there’s something’ special in them.


This next ‘un sure ‘nuff hits me in a soft spot,

‘cause it’s been true of every straw boss I’ve known:

They’ve always been ‘bout as enthusiastic of my success

As they were or ever had been of their own.

Here’s one I have trouble with and I shouldn’t,

 But, it’s one I’ve worked on quite a while:

Tryin’ to be cheerful with others all the time

And give ever’body and ever’thing a great big smile.


Like I said, I don’t rightly remember ‘em all,

 But, there’s two that are sure important, brother:

First, you ought’a work so hard to make yoreself better

That you ain’t got time to make fun and criticize others.

Finally, this last one is good, I don’t care who you are

And it’s so important they ought’a say it double:

We should be too big to worry, too decent to get mad,

Too strong to fear, and too happy to let in trouble.

“Wow”, says Butch. “Them folks sure are optimistic.

I purely don’t know if I could ever get where they’re at.

I guess tryin’ would be better’n not tryin’

And I’m willing’ to try it if you’re up to that.”

“I reckon as how I’m willing’ to try”, says Jim Bob.

“Sounds to me like they’ve got a plan hard to beat.

Tell you what, next time we’re in town

Let’s find out when and where them Optimists meet.”

 - John Pelham, Cowboy Poet, Granbury TX

We Work For youth...
By providing hope and positive vision, Optimists bring out the best in kids. Adult volunteers join Optimist Clubs to conduct positive service projects in their communities aimed at providing a helping hand to youth. With their upbeat attitude, Optimist Club members help empower young people to be the best that they can be. Every year, Optimists around the world conduct 65,000 service projects and serve well over six million young people.
OI Mission Statement
By providing hope, and positive vision, Optimists bring out the best in children.
District Vision Statement
To be the premier youth serving organization:
Bringing Out the Best In Kids ... Right Here, Right Now

Announcements & Events
NTX Scholarships
Essay, Oratorical, CCDHH
We Have Our Winners! Oratorical: Samuel Cavanna - Home Schooled Zone 4 CCDHH: Ladrean Mallory -8th Grade Lubbock Zone 1 Essay: Will Lourcey - Sr. Ft Worth Zone 4
NTX Junior Golf
Junior Golf Winners!
Preston Stout - Richardson - Boys Overall Brooke Dishman - Flower Mound - Girls Overall Preston Albee - Choctaw, Oklahoma Boys 14-15 Elijah Estonillo - Allen Boys 14-15 Lucy Kate Smith - Prosper G
Awards & Achievement
Reports Due by Oct 31 2021
Time to brag about your club achievements. Your A&A Report is due to the District Chair by October 31. Report form should be completed by President or Secretary/Treasurer and returned to Judi Janes.
Governor Jim says...
We Have A Governor-elect!
John Ahearne, past president of the Red River Optimist Club in Wichita Falls has been selected to serve as NTX District Governor for 2022-23, following Governor-designate Carolyn Riddell. Thanks to al

Optimist Calendar
 September 2021 

Governor's Message
I am proud to be serving as the NTX District Governor this year. I am a native Texan, originally from South Texas but lived most of my life in the Gulf Coast region where I started my Optimist journey 30 years ago. My wife, Georgia, and I moved to North Texas 8 years ago and I immediately became involved with local Optimists. I have served in many leadership positions at the club and district level but my passion is JOI club building. I am happy to call North Texas home and love the NTX District. I choose Optimism!
Jim Sanders
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